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Portia is primarily engaged in scholarly research in mathematical and empirical foundations of new information-technology (IT) product forecasting (e.g., diffusion, technology, architecture, sales, prices). She is executive director of Bass’s Basement, a not-for-profit (501c3) corporation, dedicated to research and education concerning new-product sales forecasting. She is also principal consultant of Bass Economics, Inc., which provides consulting on IT market forecasting. Dr. Bass occasionally serves as an expert witness in computer, telecom and semiconductor industry class action and patent infringement litigation.

Dr. Bass was a pioneer in the personal computer industry. She co-founded a computer store in 1976; built Future Computing Incorporated into the personal computer industry's leading technology and market forecasting firm, with over 160 employees, at the time it was acquired by McGraw-Hill. She, in the report IBM's Billion Dollar Baby, correctly analyzed the impact of the IBM PC and foretold the PC-compatible technology and market within days of IBM's introduction; she accelerated IBM PC compatibility through Future Computing's laboratory work with manufacturers, software companies, and resellers; and created the first PC dealer tracking service, StoreBoard. She introduced Compaq Computer Corporation’s founders to their venture capital investors and was herself a founding investor.

Starting in 1986, she served two years on Microsoft's Board of Directors. During 1987-1988 she published Future Thinker, a newsletter that reviewed published market research and business information in the computer, telecommunications, semiconductor and office products industries. In 1989 she started the information service that became BIS Strategic Decisions' Personal Computer Market Advisory Service. From 1989 through 1993, she published Pen-Computing Reference Report. Since 1993 Dr. Bass has consulted on IT product/component strategies (e.g., personal computers, notebooks, handheld computers, wireless telephone, semiconductor devices, and Internet appliances).

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Bass has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Venture, Business Week, Forbes, and USA Today as well as two books: Women, Technology and Power: Ten Stars and the History They Made by Marguerite Zientara and What Works for Me: 16 CEOs Talk About Their Careers and Commitments by Thomas R. Horton.

Dr. Bass holds a Ph.D., M.S., and M.A.S. in Computer Science (Computer Architecture and Operating Systems) and a B.S. in Physics & Mathematics. Her key past honorary positions include: ACM Council, IEEE Computer Society Board, 1977 NCC Chairperson, and IEEE Computer Principal Technical Editor and COMDEX Advisory Board.

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Recent Publications and Presentations

Published Papers

Zhengrui Jiang, Frank M. Bass and Portia Isaacson Bass. 2006. Virtual Bass Model and the Left-Hand Data-Truncation Bias in Diffusion of Innovation Studies, International Journal of Research in Marketing 23 pp. 93–106.
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Working Papers

Bass, Portia Isaacson and Frank M. Bass. 2004. IT Waves: Two Completed Generational Diffusion Models.
Bass, Portia Isaacson. 2002. Principles of Technology Generations Diffusion Data: The IBM Mainframe Case.
Bass, Portia Isaacson and Frank M. Bass. 2001. Diffusion of Technology Generations: Model of Adoption and Repeat Sales. Working Paper.